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    Question expired Steroids

    Hi, I'm wondering what are the side effects, if any, different thatn the regular ones in taking expired steroids . If anyone can give me info on expired steroids and if someone uses them, what happens??

    Thanx in advance

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    Well if u took chem or calculus you'll know that every drug beomces less potent over time and cells begin to decrease etc... There is a name and formula for this rule but i cannot remember it right now. The expiration date is b/c that is when the product will either go bad or not be of the same potentcy. Drugs can even change their composition over time as well, so be careful.

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    Full Intensity is right... I asked a similar question a while back. Someone I know that quit doing juice 2 years ago had some deca amps. They expired over a year ago. The question is, what does deca break down into? Is it toxic? I don't know so I wasn't going to take a chance. What if I was injecting a toxic substance!

    If it is expired by like a day then you "should" be alright but I wouldn't chance it if it has been expired for a while.

    They must put exp. dates on them for a reason.

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    in my experience, as long as it is not more than 6months to a year you shouldnt have a problem - it is likely that the juice is less potent however but the same could be said if they were stored in too warm an area or in sunlight or etc. some roids, like adriol and HGH become totally worthless rather quickly with improper care others last much longer.

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    It all depends the enviroment that the AS is stored in greatly speeds up the chemical breakdown quicker

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    Some good advice and yeah like anything the chemical structure of the compound breaks down.When this happens it may turn into other toxins but I would think this would take some time to happen I think if it was a week or so you would have no prob.If unsure don,t use it - it is easier to buy new


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    My deca expired in may and its doing just fine. Besides the twitching and saying things I dont remember..... why is my right hand bigger than my left? Oh, thats right my girlfriend is out of town.

    I wouldnt worry about it unless its out about a year

    Fast R

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