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    Anyone A Member Of Anabolic Extreme????

    I searched aLL THE BOARD for discussions on Equigen (horse GH). And they have quite a few threads there on the matter. But it will not let me sign up.... comes up with an error message(consistantly).

    If you are a member of (that dodgy site-I mean nothing ever works correctly) can you do a search fo "Equigen" and post a reply here with all the info from the threads..... or email the treads to me? - email address is [email protected]

    THX HEAPS!!!!


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    Yes i have joined it today.It is very slow but i found some info for you...It is for horses and does not work that well in humans.You will get red welts at the injection site they are antibodies attacking the ecg .you will never get that in human gh because it is the same as the bodies so it will not attack it.If you want to use horse gh then fine. The resson that it works somewhat is because it is so cheap people are still using 30 or 40 iu a day.They do not know this but at this dose of opposite species GH it is very possible that they will build anti bodies to there own gh.

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    Go to and talk to big A, stuff seems to work for most.

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