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    advice from bros!!

    hi!!! m planning to use anapolon tablettes with sustanon 250,is it appropriate?can you give me also the dosages of anapolon tablettes(oxametalone) plz.while doing this cycle can also use clenbuterol ?or do have to wait till the end of the cycle to use clen ?THANKS:::::::::::::::

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    I wouldn't go over 2 abombs a day, and no more than 3 to 4 weeks...I prefer 2 then switch to dbol myself...but that's me...

    as for the Clen , I personally like it post cycle for it's anti-catabolic effects...but again, that's me....


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    i totally agree with Ranger. A-bombs make me crazy, those things are no joke. run them for two weeks and then switch over to dbol . i also save the clen for post cycle. i know we've debated this alot, but i still feel that it has anticatabolic effects that benefit the post cycle retention of gains

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    Ok well you sound like a complete novice to steroids and thats not intended as a flame. If thats the case I would'nt be using the Anapolon just yet, save those babies for a later cycle.
    I'll take it your a novice, OK ?. And advise as such.
    If your going to use sustanon with an oral like d.ball or Anapolon go with the d.ball first, at this stage there's no need to go getting into expensive complicted cycles.
    I don't get much gains from anything less than about 750mg per week testo, and again nothing less than about 40mg d.ball per day. Although most of my cycles would be much heavier than these.
    If it's your first cycle you'll get away with using sust. @ 500mg per week with 35-40mg d.ball per day and at running the d.ball in these ranges I'd say your safe for 4-6 weeks. Taper off the d.ball in the final week, but there's no need to taper the sust.

    Like Ranger most people will use the clen at the end of their cycle as an anti cathabolic.

    Are you intending on using clomid and or HCG ?. Go with the clomid and do a search on it's use's.

    If your a novice at this, when your about to start please post your steroid , training and diet routine for the cycle and the board will help fill in any holes.



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    Amen Bouncer....


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