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    What is yohimeburn?

    Is this like yohimbe the supplement they have in GNC, etc?

    Along with a good diet, cardio, lifting, will ripping gel decrease any fatty deposits around the nipples?

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    I have seen several threads about this over at Anabolic Fitness and am unsure as to its effectiveness. Has anybody else ever used this stuff. I am guessing that it is a topical application that is absorbed through the skin and supposed to burn fat by contact.

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    Yohimburn works by Alpha 2 adrenoceptor blockade.. it is effective for burning "stubborn fat" .. which in men is typically chest/nipple fat, low back, lower abs and in some triceps, thighs and glutes(though the last is of less concern to most)

    if you want more anecdotal reports look at there are literally hundreds of posts by users there

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