Maybe someone can help me out here, I am planning my next cycle and am going to try to cut up right after.

Question is, is it nessary to overlap the bulking steroids and cutting steroids. Could I start the winny, suspention and tren during week 10 instead of week 8. That way I could gain for an extra few weeks before I run the cutters, t3 and the clen . Does it matter if the deca and cyp are out of my system if the test suspention, winnie and tren are taking thier place.

Cycle will look like this.

Week 1-4 Androl or dbol 50mg/ED
Week 1-10 Deca 600mg/Week
Week 1-10 Test Cyp 750mg/Week
Week 8-13 Test Suspention 50mg/ED
Week 8-13 Winstrol 50mg/ED
Week 8-13 Tren 50mg/ED
Week 8-13 T3 5/40/55 split Max-120mcg
Week 8-13 Clen
Week 8-13 Ketotifen 2-3mg/ED
Week 8-13 Transdermal Fat Reduction PGF-2a
Week 1-13 Femara 2.5mg/EOD
Week 11-13 HCG 500i.u/ED

Post cycle

Clomid 300/100/50 for 4 weeks.
Nolva 20mg/ED

Thanks bros.