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    I live in the Netherlands and have been trying to get my hands on Parabolan for a long time now but I am often told that it is not Manifactured any more : (
    Is this true?/ i do'n't think it is

    And how is it in the states when it comes to getting Parabolan? Does that come easy?
    Any body know any suppliers in the netherlands or Belgium?

    Helkp me out if possible

    Or I would also be very happy with a supplier outside the neteherlands that send by post if you guys know any-one that has Paraboloan ( real ones ) and if it's some-one I can trust



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    i'm not positive, but i've heard that it's not made anymore. the general consensus is that any parabolan found is probably fake.

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    not a good idea to post for a source in open forum bro, its kinda against the rules. you should be getting lots of mail from scammers by now.

    rumors abound that parabolin is being manufactured again. but to my knowledge, it hasnt happened yet, and i really dont think it has.

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    big kev is right it was stopped a good bit ago.there were a lot of fakes going around in europe too soo....,try some tren its almost similar.

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    I haven't heard of good parabolon in years, I believe they stopped producing around 1995, shit luck because parabolon was a great AS.

    It is a similair to tren , which is your best bet at this point, I have not heard anything about them beginning to remanufacture it yet. I hope BigKev is right and they start reproducing it I will be first in line.


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