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    Question First Cycle

    ok, hows this for a first cycle.....

    T200..200mg a week for 10 weeks
    Reforvit B...1cc ED for 4 weeks

    Should i have more of the T200 per week??



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    you should have pretty good results no matter what you take on your first cycle. But there is two diferent schools of thought on the first cycle theory.
    Dan Duchaine claimed that the first cycle would yield the best results due to the senstivity your receptors had to the steroids . So he claimed that you should fill the syringe up (3cc) on every injection and take advantage.
    Others claim due to the sensitivity you should take minimal amounts and save the big dosages for later on when you will need it for your body to react. This could also be true since your body will react good to anything your first time.

    I don't know for sure since I had only one first time. My first cycle was extremely small. Me and a buddy split a 10cc vial of test 200 and a 50cc bottle of norandren 50. We both had pretty good results for that small amount.

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    Yes man, for god sakes, do more than 200mg a week! My grandma does more than 200mg T200 a week. For your first cycle do at least 400-500 a week. Don't forget your anti-e's and clomid! IMO drop the reforvit and add some Anavar or Deca .

    My first cylcle was Deca only at 400mg a week. I gained 25lbs and retained about 22lbs. And, I had relatively no sides.

    But, you forgot to tell us how old you are, what your goals are, how much you weigh now, how long you've been training...ect.
    So, do tell!

    PS - I do agree with school of thought #2 that cpitt398 was talking about. I think that telling someone to go huge on their first cycle is like telling someone that has never been to the gym to go for 3 hrs a day for 6 days a week. Doing large amounts on your first cycle to "take advantage of your virgin receptors" will only give you a tolerance early on IMO. But, I don't think that 400mg a week is a huge amount, by all means.
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    i would say up it to 400mgs for 3 weeks mid cycle. i use reforvit all of the time bro, and i love the stuff. it will make you strong as hell and the pumps are unreal. keep the ref-b.

    as a general rule, the more you do now, the more you HAVE TO DO later. take it easy and grow.

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