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    How long is to long?

    I have done two 10 week cycles with a 5 week window in between. First one was Sus 750mg/wk,Deca 600mg/wk,and 40mg dbol ED for the first four weeks. I did clomid post cycle. Then after five weeks I went on again with Test Eth 600mg/wk and Dbol 50mg ED for the first 4 weeks. I have gotten great gains from this but I am about to come off in a few weeks. I have also heard to stay off for the amount of time you are on but I didn't do that cause I couldn't help to hit it again. I was thinkin of doin some winstrol to really cut up. I have got really good cut now but want a little more. Should I stay off for awhile or should I get the Winstrol then stop for awhile? Need input on this. Also I am 6' 203lbs about 10% bf. Thanks!

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    How many weeks do you have left in the cycle? You said "a few weeks", if that means 5-6 then you could just add the Winny to the cycle. I wouldn't extend it anymore than necessary, so wait for the next cycle if you're almost finished.

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