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    is Deca the same as EQ, some say they use same receptors

    I know its a stupid question, but I have a lot of EQ for me and my friend wants some. but doesnt have enough for a complete cycle. So he wants to combine it with Deca . Under steroid profiles it recommends taking 300mg of EQ a week, for serious AS users. Im a newbie. Here everyone says 600 mgs a week. Who should I believe. Im using winny, primo, EQ, clen , cytomel , anavar , should I add on deca as well.

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    Dont combine them. Choose one or the other. EQ at 400mg is ok but even better at 600mg.

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    i always use 600mg ,300mg for serious users???um that a list of the gear u gonna be taking there on the bottom??

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