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    CLOMID - tons of it!!! please advise me

    please help.

    i've been on for over 20 weeks now. just came off three weeks ago. i know i shut myself down hard. i have been taking 100mgs of clomid for the past week (that's all i can handle without getting flickering lights too bad). 50 in am, 50 in pm.

    the question is - how long should i continue the clomid? should i lower or increase the dose? I probably have 100 - 50mg pills here.... and NO I WON'T SELL THEM TO ANYONE so don't even ask. the research i've done had varying results. some people said you only need to hit it for 10 days. others including a pharmacist i know personally said you can do it as long as you want.

    thx in advance,

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    Good question. I think I will be running a 20 weeker.....I saw trails of light 18 days into my last one, and It wasn't fun at all!!!!

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    Stay on it as long as you need. The conflicting research applies to the 21 day max cycle for females. 50mg ed should be plenty.

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