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    HGH insulin cycle help

    can someone give me a good HGH insulin cycle please.

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    Its not that simple bro.

    Id say start at 3-4iu/ed HGH and 4iu/eod Insulin (4 wks on/off), and work your way up with the slin till your comfortable, and maybe hit 6iu/ed of HGH if you can afford it.

    Really its going to come down to your budget. Throw in T3 low dose 12.5mcg/ed is a good low dose T3 to use with HGH, and an AAS of your choice if you want to make it a good cycle.

    Really you need to be more specific on your budget and goals.

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    Well, bro, I hope you fully understand SLIN. If not, you could put your life on the line. Unless you have vast knowledge of it, I would HIGHLY suggest staying away.

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