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    The GYM

    how much do i do?

    I have been training for 2 years nonstop and want to take it to the next level. I was chubby and have been working on it. I an going to start a cycle of sustanon 250, deca , and d-bol. how much do i do? how do i diet. unfortunately i love food especially fast food. im 25years old, 6ft tall, 195 lbs. pretty much all solid except of course my stomach which is filled with fast food.

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    Start by researching the massive collection of threads just like this.

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    I'd say for your first cycle, research Test Cyp or Test Enan. Best advise though is don't rush into this. Stick around on the board, use the search button and research your ass off. Make sure you also research Post Cycle Thearpy

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