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Thread: 1in pins

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    1in pins

    Is it ok to use 1in 22g pins in your glutes? Will it do the job? ?

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    I use 1 inch 22 gauge in my glutes and it works just as well as the 1.5 inchers. A lot of guys say they'll only use 1.5 inchers and say 1 inch won't get deep enough in the muscle. I'd have to say its a matter of how much fat you have on you. If you have a lot of fat, then I'd suggest go with the 1.5's. I weigh 190 and have very low body fat and a couple of my buddies are right around my size but have a little more body fat than me and the 1 inch still works good for them too. If you do decide to go with the 1 inch just make sure its all the way in and you go in at a 90 degree angle. Hope this helps bro.

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    You can't go wrong with 1.5 inch pins.

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