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    Question couple questions

    Hey Bro's, I recently finished my first cycle, on clomid now..My cycle was cut very short due to a life sucking b%tch, to whom I was married for 10 years. Due do to her shear meanness and spite she happily flushed my injectables down the toilet, thank god I had the clomid in a good hiding spot. So therefore I had to stop my cycle 4 weeks into it, find a new place to live,buy everything to furnish an apartment and all the other fun stuff that comes with a separation......1 question is, how long should I wait? I know you should stay off as long as you were on, but does that mean I should stay off for 4 weeks, time I was on injectables.....or stay off the time I was on injectables and clomid which would be 9 or 10 weeks. I took 750mg sus the first 2 weeks, then 500mg the last 2, EQ 400mg for 4 weeks, and I also took 35mg D-bol ed for 4 weeks......2nd question is about my next cycle...I liked what the Sus. EQ. D-bol did for me.. Would it be wise to use those same 3 again at higher dosages say 750mg Sus for 8 weeks, 600mg eq for 8 weeks, 40mg d-bol for 5 weeks and take arimidex through the whole cycle? Or should I try a totally different cycle altogether. I know my first cycle was the time I would make my best gains, but I can't dwell on that fact......Any and all input would be greatly appreciated Thanks for your time


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    Well if you cycled for 4 weeks then did clomid for 3 I would wait about 6-8 weeks minimum with nothing in your system let it return to normal as much as possible( thats just me) and then do your next cycle which loooks like a kick ass cycle however u dont need to increase the amounts so much after just one cycle think about it by 4 cycles you ll be on 2g a week or more but saying that the cycle isnt to extreme i like the sound of 750 test/600 equipose/50mg dbol i think it wold be good just be carefull you have anti e's and clomid also take milk thistle for that much dbol and stop or lower the doses if you get any lower back pains


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    so that was your first cycle?will what can you get? you been off for 4 weeks?you can wait another 2 weeks if you like...sus at 500mgs is good up to 750mgs...and eq at 400mgs for 12 weeks..if the last cycle was your last cycle i say keep the dose normal on this cycle too...eq at 300-400mgs is fine try 400mgs for 12 weeks sus at 500-750mgs for 8-10 weeks..and bro if you ever end your cycle with sus or what ever dont forget that sus is in your system for 3-4 weeks so take clomid 3-4 weeks after the last shot...deca 2-4 matters on how much you take...

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    I woulda flushed her down the toilet, piece by piece!

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    It would be interesting to hear of others that do it like me, but when I go "on", I pretty much never go completly off. The closest I get to going off may be 5 weeks of clen at the end of a cut cycle, along with some test or deca to bridge. When I go off, I go off for years (I have been doing cycles for 8 years).

    It depends on what your goals are how your body responds to the juice (knock on wood, I've never had noticable ball shrinkage or "deca dick", whatever that is), but I would go on when you are mentally ready. If you liked the cycle, plan to use the same thing, same dosages, but (like me) have some inventory in case you feel you need a boost - I almost always modify my cycles in response to how I am responding to it. For example, one cycle I just stuck in 500 mg. of primo depot at about week 6 of a 10 week cycle. That jacked my strength WAY up and was the only change I needed. I didn't use any primo during any other week of the cycle, before or after that week.

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