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    Back ache from injecting?

    Iv noticed that recently when i inject im getting a bit of back ache the following day. I only ever inject in my glutes and the ache is in the lower back region. Could this just be the sust making my lower back muscles sore or could it be serious?


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    Probably from the water retention in your core. It will feel more aggrevated when you get pumped in the gym. Try and avoid empty calories and excess sugars - and drink more water to keep your body uninterested in retaining what it has... if you are running more than 400mg of test per week an anti estrogen should help too.

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    hate to say this, but it might be your kidneys...your kidneys are located in that general area...drink plenty of water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 stay hydrated... you can never over work your kidneys, you can only underwork them...keep the fluids going....

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