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    Is it too early to start getting my gear?...

    OK fellas. Im still a ways off from doing my first cycle, but have found a few sources, and wondered how far in advance do you guys do your shopping? Im not in a big rush or anything, but when Im ready to hit my cycle, I dont want to have to settle for what is available at the time. Any reccomendations? Do some substances have longer "shelf lives" than others?

    Just to let you know, Im thinking of perhaps a test/deca /whinny cycle for my first and will also be getting arimidex , clomid, and nolva.

    Any advice there?

    Probably still about 8mos to a year away from the cycle.


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    I'd wait abit bro, don't rush into buying anything, you've got a few months to thoroughly check sources etc.


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    Thumbs up

    No rush, thoroughly check if they are real and if you are getting a decent price, buy it. That happened to me, I bought 7 shots of Sust250, thinking I would be able to buy another 10 later. Didn't time around I'll buy them all early, actually I have about 7 months to my next cycle and I will probably start gathering the stuff soon.

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    Order when it is most likely your order will not get seized. Summer is the worst time to order.

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    Find out if you want a cutting cycle or a mass building cycle. Take you time and get everything you need nothing worst than running around becasue you forgot somthing and need to get it to complete your cycle

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