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    metabolism and juice

    i tried to research this myself, but didnt find what i was looking for. does the speed of your metabolism affect how long a steroid is active in your body? would a skinny person who has a hard time putting on weight need a higher dosage per week. any info would help. thanks

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    i dont think metabolism will have any effect while on steroids ,but im no doctor,what type of cycle are you planning on using,what are your stats,what is your diet like
    i myself have a very fast metabolism and havent been able to put on weight since highschool.and im 31 now.
    im on an 8 week cycle of 50 mg ed for the first 4 wks of dbol
    500 mg wk sus250
    and 400 mg wk deca .
    i find myself eating 2 or 3 time more than normal and have since gained aboutt 14 lbs in the first 4 wks.
    if your looking to gain some weight and put on some serious mass than i would highly recomend this cycle.
    when i started i was 147 lbs and now im up to 161lbs.(i know still a small guy),but with my gains i feel about 200 lbs and look great

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    I am sure that i have read somewhere that AS speeds your metab.

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