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Thread: Need help!

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    Need help!

    I will be doing a cycle of norandren 200 and test 200 for ten weeks. My question is how can I get the norandren out of my system in seven or eight months. I read that norandren stays in fat tissue so if I can get my BF% down to almost nothing then I should be able to pass? Please help me out, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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    Mike Guest
    sorry bro - honestly there is no way you will have the norandren out of your system in 7-8mons - just not gonna happen - it is more plausible that you cheat the test to pass it which is NOT a fun thing to do...

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    Mike is right, there is no way you will be able to get it out of your system. Are you sure you are being tested for steriods , if it is a basic drug test they don't test for roids as it is more expensive. If it is NCAA you are pretty much screwed if it's d-1. Goodluck bro


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