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3 days of studying & Blog file started

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by , 11-19-2007 at 08:29 AM (1178 Views)
Well I've really got to spend more time studying for my test this Wed. Been spending so much time enjoying this board that I've been neglecting my class work! Especially with the new Blog section! I spend a few hrs or a day going about my business, and when I come back, there's a whole bunch of posts I missed and I have to get caught up!

Mercs blog is great. I have a word file set up for "great quotes from A/R", an I had to make another file just for his blog cause there's so much good info I have'nt got from the everyday posts I've been following.

I have'nt even had time to spend on the other two boards that I frequent cause I'm gettin all I need from this place. Peace out...

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    Thanks Ecto .. Glad my blog can be helpful to someone......

    : )