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Fat overfeeding and fat loss

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by , 12-14-2018 at 01:48 PM (1406 Views)
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No i actually add it to meals believe it or not. Perhaps its my body size but eating 5 meals a day as long as peanut butter is there equals fat loss for me. I do notice overfeeding without peanut butter\fat does NOT give me the same fat loss. I feel a million times better with lots of fat as well, perhaps an effect on free test.

Whats even more insane is my waist gets SMALLER when i do this compared to no peanut butter. Not sure whats occurring there but it's very noticeable. Perhaps stored visceral fat being liberated from the presence of constant fat intake.
That's strange approach. 300 calories of peanut butter every 2 hours, assuming you're awake 16hrs/day and you don't eat it right upon waking or before bed. That's 6 times a day best case. 1800 calories is a lot. How many calories do you have left if you want to stay in a deficit? 700? 1000? And how many whole meals can you get out of that?
Hey, if it works for you, it works! Any reason to eat peanut butter is a legit one in my book!

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Honestly with my labor intensive job I eat probably 6000 or more calories a day easily and maintain weight, nearly impossible to gain unless I eat literally 1500+ carbs a day.. If i dont eat a ton of food 247 my body shuts down quite harshly but I attribute that to my genetic body type.