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hack job- lessons learned

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by , 04-05-2011 at 12:33 PM (616 Views)
on my hcg/test injections, i usually load the hcg first, since its diluted in bacWater... and THEN load the test in... since oil and water don't mix, i like the two to be separate, so there is a line where one stops and the other starts...

however. i accidentally pulled up 1ml of test, and THEN hcg... and the ****ing water was mixing in with the test all bubbly... and it never separated out all the way b'c of how viscous the test is....

on top of it, it was a delt shot, which is hard for me b'c it's hard for me to relax my delt, it's a weird/unstable angle to aspirate, and the pin jiggles around quite a bit. we'll see if i got any into the sub-q... but it felt pretty deep, so we'll see if i get any bumps :/

long story short... if you're going to mix your waters with your oils... always do waters FIRST. and flick as many bubbles out as you can, b'c it'll be hard to tell the difference between air and a bubble of water. (sigh)