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cycle for new years

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by , 12-24-2010 at 11:44 AM (762 Views)
I have 3 2000iu hcg amps on their way, as well as ARR a-dex/clomid/tamox/pins/barrels on their way. I caught the ARR 50% for 15 minutes sale,

once those come in, i'm going to pick up 30ml of prop- run it at 100 eod with 6 weeks of clen from week 1-6. I only have enough keto for 4 weeks, so i'll run it the first 4 weeks to keep the receptors fresh, and the let the 2 week down regulation to happen for week 5 and 6. then finish out my last two weeks of prop... and start pct.

I'm not looking for a lot of SIZE. but some lean mass. anything over 10 lbs is too much at the moment, so i'm keeping it simple, and using low dose clen (100 ed)

i'll probably start sometime in january, depending on when hcg and pct stuff comes in