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    Why even waste our time with fights like Slice v. Cantrell.

    All respect to Bo Cantrell, he probably does work hard on his skills, but he got knocked out in the first minute of the first round in an un-televised bout a few months ago.

    Now they put him up against Kimbo Slice, who a lot of people feel has quite a bit potential to make a splash; so Bo gets knocked out in 19 seconds.

    I'm sure they could had found someone who could at least get to the second round with Kimbo.

    This fight appeared to be junk, I might be wrong but Bo Cantrell did not seem like he had much ground skill what so ever, he was tapping out even before he hit the ground.

    I know I"m just ranting cause it was a crappy fight, and i really wanted to see them slug it out for a bit at least :-)

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    He has to climb his way up the ladder...

    ... and that means fighting some "cans".

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    I think Cantrell took a dive. My guess is kimbos people "The Reality Kings" paid cantrell to take a dive as soon as he got hit. We all know they can afford it so why not. Cantrell was tapping on the mat before kimbo even jumpoed on him. It was just so pathetic and looked so set up to me. Cantrell should never step into any ring, cage, etc.. EVER AGAIN!

    I was also very disappointed that the doc stopped the Diaz fight! Not a good night for Elite imo.

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