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    I would love to see any 3 of these guys face off against each other.

    They are all newer to the sport. Alexander is walking proof that a really strong agressive fighter can do very well in the sport. I would really like to see him square off against some one like Kimbo Slice.

    Lesner appears to have actually worked on his fighting skill but is still a walking power house. I think he could probably beat either of them, but it would still be a good fight to see.

    I've always hated watching a JJ guy fighting a striker. I say match fights to match the fighters strenths.

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    my opinion.. and it is I would think the boring mainstream consensus on the three,,, so i apologize for not having anything radical to say about these 3 ;-)

    Alexander is proven, he deserves to fight the best light heavyweights out there.

    Lesner has a shot, but he'll have to keep his fights in clutch, and than ground and pound. Which might make him vulnerable in other position. He is still one massive guy with NFL kind of speed, and that definitely works to his advantage.

    Kimbo Slice is probably a marketing gimmick for his porn production company. Yes he is working with Bas Rutten and all that, but after watching him get beat down by Sean Gannon, I dont think he'll ever reach the higher tiers of fighters.

    Lesners pure size advantage, puts him number 1
    Alexander 2
    and a distant third.........................

    Kimbo 3.

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