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    Ok so I'm planning on joining a local mma gym right away and have a question.....Majority of the classes are at night with the occasional afternoon class which I most likely won't be able to attend because of work so afternoons are out of the question. I still want to weight train though, when would you suggest to weight train? I work 8am-4pm and most classes are in between 5pm-730pm. Do I have many options for weight training here? I'm guessing to try and go before work would be my only real option? Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

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    I train 6:30-9pm MMA and work 9-5.

    I usually hit the gym before work.
    Works out well. Make sure you are taking care of your nutritional needs cause if your at a good school, your gonna loose 2-4 lbs waterweight every night you train, no joke.

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