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    Matt Hughes Vs Matt Serra confirmed

    Matt Hughes has confirmed that he will be fighting Matt "the terra" Serra, win, lose or draw, after his fight with Thiago Alves.

    The UFC has apparently given the fight it's blessing according to MMA madness and the fight will take place either UFC 89 or 90 - sometime in October or November.

    If Hughes is able to win both fights, he will be given another welterweight title shot against G.S.P. This fight has been brewing since Serra and Hughes were team captains on the successful TV show "The Ultimate Fighter."
    Matt Serra who recently lost to G.S.P will want to get back to willing ways and will no doubtable voice publically his hatred for Matt Hughes. The fight promises to have plenty of smack talk and hype leading up to it.

    Hughes also stated during the week that his brother has signed a contact with the UFC agreeing that he will not fight for any other organizations. Matt Hughes refused to comment any further on the situation.

    Looking foward to this one serras gonna get hurt man lol,i hope he gets beat bad so people forget about him.he is no where near the caliber of gsp hughes fitch etc.soon as he loses to hughes i wouldnt be surprised if he fights on undercards,or retires lol

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    Why in the heck would hughes get another shot against GSP? gsp just tooled him badly the last time they fought... so there's pretty much no doubt about who's going to take that fight...

    I think the only way to GSP is to go up to fight anderson silva... and silva's only way is to either go down and fight GSP, or to go up and fight the UFC's creme fighters... wich I think he wont... (again why in the heck would he do that???) hughes is just wwwaaaaay above his prime... still a heck of a fighter, but no match to GSP...

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