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    when do I cut the carbs, and then carb up

    Can someone tell me when I should cut my carbs before the show and when should I carb up, with and with what?
    Im new to this, or atleast it has been awhile since I done it.
    Oh yes and what about water, before
    How much 1 week out and when should I cut it?

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    I would begin going through every single thread in this forum. If you still have any questions then i would probably pm mike_xxl being that he is very helpful and knows quite a bit about the whole process .

    There are a few sample precontest diets posted, so those will give an idea of what you need to do. If you know a friend, trainer or someone that can help you with it, than i would go with them. Its much easier for someone else to do your diet if you're not sure and they can adjust it according to how you look instead of us helping you without being able to see you.
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