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Thread: ok im dumb

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    ok im dumb

    i would love if someone explain to me what is crossfit compare to weight lifting

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    it differs just as much as the different approches in weigth lifting, as u call it

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    It is something that all weightlifters consider as useless waste of time ....

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    Cross fit is doing as much as you can for some workouts by throwing away all proper form such as their Kipping pull-ups. They jerk their bodies and use momentum to get double digit reps. And if they were to do a real palms facing away wide grip pull-ups. They probably wouldn't be able to a fraction of the reps. I met a girl that actually tore her shoulder , tendons or muscle or whatever from doing them. Beyond that. I'm not sure they follow any other rule. Such as proper recovery for any muscle group they train for example they do the same shit every day. But not sure. lol I know that they train to train so to speak is how I see it. All in all I can't talk shit because any motivation to he fit is cool. But I like to train for real life applicable situations. To where my training will aid me in real life. I'm training for a special forces program so my focus is on all around efficiency and balance . I.e strength, endurance,muscle endurance etc. and I'm figuring the looks will come with it depending on my proper diet and recovery etc.
    body builders are training for muscle aesthetics etc. I think cross fit people are people,that need that adrenaline and experience of the intense workouts because they lack that thrill in real life. And it gives them a taste.
    I like doing some things they do in cross fit I think but I do it in real life ways. Such as hitting a tire with a sledge hammer instead I split wood with a steel maul, a sledge hammer bashing steel wedges into hardwoods etc. but yeah the only thing that gets me I guess is the pull ups and just how their views on proper training are skewed. Beyond that yeah its pretty much just an endurance session using weights pretty much.

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    Great response!

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