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Thread: Low carb. diet

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    Low carb. diet

    I am planning on competing this year and need some input about diet from you guys, bro.

    Has anybody tried low carb(or no carb) diet before?
    I heard many of the NPC competitors just cut all the carb from one month prior to the competition.
    They say that it is the good way to loose fat and keep the body water down.
    But does not put too much stress on kidneys?
    And dont we loose good amount of muscle tissue with no carb diet for a month,even though we have enough calories?

    If anybody tried before, please tell me the outcomes.
    Thank you.

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    LI, NY... where it seems like everyone is on gear.
    I'm doing the CKD right now to some promising results. CKD involves 5.5 days of under 20 grams of carbs followed by a depletion workout and a 1.5 day carb-up to replenish glyco and spare muscle loss.

    So far, 6 weeks, 11 pound loss, no noticeable losses in size nor strength. Still a work in progress though. This will end April 1st. I'll let you know.

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    Tapering off the carbs gradually works well. During a final week of carb starvation your body reaches a state of ketosis which is not a good state to be in very long (no longer than a week) but with proper habbits and displine can be very rewarding. I will dip into a maintenance phase and carb reduction this summer before me and my wife hit the water parks he he she's gonna be pissed when I turn some heads (I hope)

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    ask bufchic about what she thinks about no carbs
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    I tried both & prefer the low carb much better. I'll load up on carbs in the morning & taper off after 12. That way I always have energy & never feel drained.

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    Low Carbs

    I have done low carbs since Sept. and have lost 30 pds. I also don't mix my carbs with fats or proteins. When I eat carbs its just whole wheats and brown rice, I don't get that sugar high like I did when eating the white carbs, or that sleepy feeling when eating the white carbs.
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    With a complete absense of carbs, you'll gp into Ketosis in about 3 days. You will lose weight. Water weight comes off fast. I did it for many years and all visable side effects were treatable with vitamin and mineral supplementation. When I do it combined with high intensity long cardio sessions I lose size. You lose fat and muscle. With only moderate cardio the amount of mucle mass you lose is pretty low. Never experienced the energy loss problem other people alude to here, and never had a kidney problem.

    So, if you do it just make sure you supplement heavily with vitamins and minerals and drink lots of water.

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