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    Upping Calories - Fat OK?

    Hi All,

    Just a quick question - I want to start upping the calories slowly to increases the weight. I emphasize SLOWLY as I am not doing a bulking phase of going +-500 calories over maintenance etc. This is more an experimentation to see how the body reacts (I found its the only way to learn how your body responds )

    Already I have three meals of P/C (40P, 50C, making arund 360 calories). I also have 3 meals of P/F (around 50P, 15F making it around 335 calories). I remember reading up that if possible you should try balance caloric intake evenly in the meals (whilst playing around with the macros so carbs come in around workout times and healthy fats replace them later on). To get my P/F meals up to around the same calories, would it be OK to add more healthy fats? What I plan is to make it around 50g P 20g F. That will give me around 360 calories. I don't want to add more protein as I do not think I could absorb more than 50, and do not want to add carbs. So for the 3 meals its another 15g F a day


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    that is what i have for my pro fat meals 50-60 gms pro and 20 gms fat.its working good for me,but just try it and see how your body reacts.

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