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    I just cheated big time

    I just had TWO Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with lots of pb&J,
    two large plates of pasta with cheese, a bag of M&Ms, and about a half bag of pretzles. All this within about 20-30 mins and I am still hungry but I can hardly breath so I stopped. I have been doing really good on my diet too but for some reason I was so damn hungry I skipped the gym and came straight homne to eat. I have my photo shoot the 17th of this month to but luckily I believe I have lost all the fat That I am going to loose. I am down to about 6mm skinfold beside my naval. I havent really lost anything in about a week and a half. I dont think my body will let go of that last little bit. But its only a photo shoot so I dont have to be crazy ripped like someone would need to be for a show. I havent done any cardio though just been working out twice a day. okay now I am starting to sweat like a mofo, and my veins are popping out all over. I have been on a very low carb, mod fat, high protein diet. Ever since I dropped my carbs way down my workouts have sufferd a little. I am doing a old school type Arnold Split routine(lots of sets, haevy weight light weight, super sets, tri sets you name it) I guess because on these types of routines youe use alot of glycogen (carbs) I tried to do his routine that he did to get ready for a show its something like this
    (Mon, Wens, Fri am chest and back pm legs; Tues thurs Sat am shoulders arms pm calves and abs so basically 6 days a week twice a day at about 90- 120 mins per workout (up to 4 hours a day) while on hardly any carbs By Thurs morning I felt like I was training for navy seals in Hell Week. How in the hell did they do that back then. No not juice but world class genetics. I ll never try to follow some one elses routine. Well lets go eats some more.

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    Arnolds routine is gnarly, I couldn't hang- fuck that. I can barely get through a chest/back workout > no way in hell would I go back and try to do legs. Your crazy but I give you props.

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