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    Confused about water weight and intake please help?

    ok im confused cna you acually get rid of water weight?.....if i drink 1 gallon of water a day that will help me lose water weight?.........i heard drinking less water helps u lose weight .which one helps you lose more weight?drinking more or less? can i drink as muich water as i want and not gain any weigght? and actually lose excess water?

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    yes more water u take in more you will lose thats a fact, also water weight depends on ur diet and estrogen levels. Less carbs will help you to shed excess water especially simple ones, also if u r taking any test or dbol or on a cycle estrogen levels could be high which would make u hold alot of water


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    well, you can lower your sodium (salt) intake. your cells will absorb salt, and then try to get equilibrium again by absorbing more water in return. why are you looking to lose water weight ? you want some water weight, it should be fat you're trying to trim.....

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