Hey all, first off, wanted to say whats up. Been a while since I posted. Been really busy with work. Getting out of the military in 3 months and tryin to get ready for the civilian world.. movin to baltimore/dc area so if any of you wanna recommend a good gym/area to move that would be great!

Anyway, I have this friend. Hes 6'4", 270lbs. Not very active. I can help him with the cardio/weight training. But I've never been on a diet tryin to lose weight and dont know really what to tell him about what to eat/how much/etc. Ive done searches and havnt found what im lookin for so what im askin is if anyone has some good knowledge or gone thru this, it would be great help to post a sample diet of what you ate for all your meals.

Hes gonna be doing mostly cardio with a light lifting routine.

Thanks a lot!