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    Mass Gaining Diet Plan Needed

    Age: 19
    Weight: 180lbs
    Height: 6'1''
    BF%: 9%

    I have a high metabolism and on a normal day I eat three square meals, I know to gain the mass I want I should be eating around 6 meals each day, but I would like to know how much and what I should be eating and when.

    I'm a Marine and we have mandatory pt about every morning, 75% of the time its a good 3-6 mile run. I hit the gym after work each day for around 1.5 hours focusing on a certain muscle group each day. I don't go to the gym on Thursdays and I take Saturday or Sunday off.

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    too much work load in your life. strength endurance and muscle gain don't mix the best. You prob need to reduce amount of time and volume in weight room. With all the running you do, you will have to be smart with weights or you will be over training very easily. I would keep my sets about 9 per body part. take each sets to good failure. and then eat rest eat rest.
    shakes work good for a busy life. My special is 2 cups liquid egg whites, 1 cup oat meal, scoop of peanut butter, and then 1 scoop of a pro powder for flavor. If that is too much for you, you can reduce one cup of egg white for 1 cup of skim milk. If you drank 3 of these daily along with what you are eating now, you should gain.
    For diet macors, you should be close to 300 grams protein, about 250 to 300 grams carbs, and maybe 70 fats. That would be a good start point.

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    you're gonna need to eat a lot of food to grow running that much. Much more than 300 grams of carbs imo.

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    I would say 360g of carb, going with the idea of two carbs for every pound.

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