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    Weight Loss Hair Loss DNP

    I did a DNP cycle for 1.5 months roughly. Lost around 12-17 lbs.

    Top front hair is thinning, but everywhere else is still the same.

    Can someone who is knowledgeable in hair loss tell me a couple things?

    My mom's side family is all going bald, so I always thought that I was prone.

    Then somewhere I read that just how steroids can accelerate mpb, depression does the same (acceleration).

    The thing is for a long stretch of time I had depression and high levels of emotional stress, im talking about long stretches of months (6-7) and then a month or 2 of relaxation, and then back again in stress mode for countless years--Never experienced thinning from that.

    So if the whole stress and depression stuff is true (not sure if it is, would like to know if it is or not) then chances are i may not be prone OR that i was unaffected by it somehow.

    And now im just curious, what are the chances of this whole hair loss thing being tied to DNP weight loss? I took 200-500mg daily.

    Also, another interesting thing:

    -- Low carb dieters usually report healthier and thicker hair (after initial weight loss hair loss)
    -- I have always been carb sensative (makes me bloat, makes me sleepy, less energy etc)
    -- before jr high (a very long time ago since im 22 right now), I had THICK hair on the top of my head.

    since jr i have hair "fine" hair on the TOP of the head and THICK hair on the sides and back--could this be related to diet? I am thinking about restricting carbs to 100 or below, i feel much better like that, was wondering if anyone has experience on this.

    okay, sorry for rambling all over, let me put a quick summary for those of you who dont feel like reading.


    -- dnp cycle for 1.5 months = 12-17 lbs weight loss
    -- hair thinning top FRONT area

    1) hair related to weight loss possibly? or does dnp weight loss not cause hair loss?

    --depressed a few years ago for long stretches of time under a lot of emotional stress
    --read somewhere that stress and depression accelerates mpb like steroids
    -- i did not experience hair thinning from this

    2) can someone confirm this?

    --before i was 11-12 i had incredibly thick hair, mom always told me i had crazy thick hair
    --good chances of being carb sensitive as carbs make me bloat, feel lethargic, give me acne etc.

    3) can going low carb promote healthier hair like many on low carb and paleo diets report?

    SORRY that this turned from diet to other random hair questions, i am just curious thats all. and i think there are some smart people on here. thanks

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    There may be some threads like this in the Spa Section

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