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    Marinating chicken

    How do you guys feel about marinating your chicken? I was thinking of using something like apple cider vinegar to give it some flavor and change things up.

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    Hey, I will tell yo something, it should work same well on chicken, it works on bacon and beef same well for me. I usually get some very ripe tomatoes, 2-3kg and some onions and salt , squash them tomatoes and diced onions well rogether and submerge your meat in the mixture of it all. I usually leave it there like so for about 24h or little more before cooking, and just remove meat from the marinate before cooking, it makes meat somewhat deliciously sweet and very very soft, plus you could throw in some thay chilli peppers if you will want to go for some fire in there

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    Look into brining, it makes all meat juicy and full of flavor.

    You can use pure salt water or use equal parts salt and white/brown sugar.

    Meat can be marinated anywhere from 15 minutes to a few days.

    I use this technique a lot if I have chicken that just starting to look slimy or smell a bit off. It takes away old chicken taste an let's you keep it in the refrigerator for about another week before it goes bad.

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    I found this in the grocery store and have used it a few times. Tastes pretty good. I place the chicken breasts in a ziplock bag, 1 serving of Olive Oil, sprinkle this in the bag and let sit overnight in the fridge. I have also season with fat free Italian Dressing. 1 serving, same procedure. Ranch dressing is pretty good too. Oh and Mrs. Dash has a salt free seasoning that tastes a lot like lemon pepper.

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