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    Glycolysis vs Lypolosis

    The human body has two types of metabolisms. The first being a glycolysis metabolism. This metabolism first burns the glycogen your body converts into fuel for energy. During exercise after approximately 30 to 45 minutes the glycogen stored in your muscles is burned and you enter in the lipolysis metabolism. This is where your body begins to burn the excess fat for fuel. When you consume too many carbohydrates your glycolysis metabolism transfers these glycogen stores into unwanted fat throughout the body.

    The lipolysis metabolism use the fat you intake for energy first. When it needs more energy it turns to your bodies fat stores which now places you in a state of ketosis. To put yourself into lipolysis one needs to either exercise for 45 minutes or follow low carb regimen obtaining all your carbohydrates from vegetables that have little to no impact on your blood sugar.

    When following a low carb eating regimen you will lose a lot of strength. In order to counteract this and preserve muscle as well as increase muscle mass one must eat carbohydrates. When a person is asleep the body utilizes all the nutrients that have been taken in and repair the muscles. This is where not all carbohydrates are created equal.

    Using the glycemic index a person can eat complex and starchy carbohydrates as well as fibrous and enjoy all the benefits of being in lipolysis while building muscle and losing fat. This allows one to make better choices when it comes to nutrient dense carbohydrates that have little to no impact on blood sugar levels. This also helps those on a low carb regimen preserve muscle and gain additional muscle size as well. In turn since every pound of muscle burns approximately 35 to 50 calories; ones metabolism will increase and the carbs will be used faster for energy and the repair process should speed up as the body is turned into a more efficient machine.

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    The GI is meant for fasted diabetics.

    If you're eating a meal of fats, carbs and protein then theory of the GI goes out the window.

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    While your theories are intresting,
    If it were so I wouldn't burn fat at all, maybe for
    Some hours during the night, and when I have very long training sessions.

    I gulp down carbs like crazy, most of the time,
    and yeah, I'm not that ripped or nothing,
    But getting my body fat to where my avatar is
    (I'm there now actually, just some more water)
    Which I agree isn't that low, but not extremely high either.

    Well, that's me.

    Glycolysis is simply the first 10 steps when you break down glucose, or fructose which enters step 3 after PFK1 (phosphofructokinase 1) has done its job.

    Lipolysis is a different process, where tricglycerides are turned into glycerol and fatty acids. The glycerol enters the glycolytic pathway after its turners into DHAP (dihydroxyacetonephospate) which is the turned into glyceraldehyde-phosphate (by an isomerase, just like regular glycolytic breakdown)

    The fatty acids from the tricglycerides enter beta oxidation to yield acetyl-CoA
    This can happen while glycolysis is running also.

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    I have noticed a massive loss in strength since beginning a low carb program that consists of getting all my carbs in the form of fiborous. Since using the glycemic index to pic high fiber complex carbs with little impact on blood sugar I have noticed my strength return. Low carb programs have a minimal impact on blood sugar to stabilize the levels.

    I have also noticed that within less than 2 hours that I am back in ketosis. So my body is showing evidence that using the glycemic index as a tool is working. Additionally my waist line is shrinking while my muscles grow. I expect to see increased results in muscle size and endurance once I add test cypionate and winstrol to the mix.

    I added them before in Iraq and results were outstanding. The difference this time is that I am using the glycemic index as a tool to make sure I have enough nutrients to repair my muscles and preserve and grow instead of losing musleep while dropping body fat.

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