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    Clean Diet Makes All The Difference!

    Starting my 2nd week with a clean diet. I can already tell how much of a difference my workouts are going to be. I was a die hard "eat about how I want and make up for it in the gym" type of guy. And because I have a fast metabolism I half way got away with it. But recently I had hit a major wall! I can already feel the difference a clean diet is going to make. Really hoping to lean out my stomach and get my abs really showing. With my old diet the best I could do is keep a flat stomach with a little definition in the upper abs. I'm doing a clean bulk so I might not see what I want until after my cut. Just wanted to share. Thanks guys!

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    Give it 3 months and wait until you see the difference.
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    Yeah diet is more important than anything.
    I'm currently on a much needed cut after letting myself get out of control. I've lost 25lbs since January 1st and I can't wait to see what I can do after losing all this fat.
    I'm pumped to do a clean bulk now that my diet is in check. Still got about15 more to lose first but can't wait to see what it will be like.

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