This runs in my family. My grandparents have it. Or at least I know my g'ma does.
Before lifting my diet was so bad. I'd eat like 3 light meals a day. And sometimes a lot more at night because I would be starving all day.
I always thought that maybe I was depressed. I would have extended periods of anxiety too. The anxiety however, has pretty much gone away.
Dealing with feeling of being tired on a daily basis. Mood swings.

When i started lifting and eating more. These feelings went significantly down. That is if I kept a steady diet.
Some days when I'm not able to eat for a long period of time and I started to get bad mood swings/irritability. Thinking negatively until I eat a meal.

I'm going to go see my doc about it. But wondering if anyone else felt like this and ended up being diabetic when they went in to check?