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Thread: Calorie theory vs (Insulin+Hormones regulate fat loss theory)

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    Calorie theory vs (Insulin+Hormones regulate fat loss theory)

    Basically this video discusses that the calories in and out isn't what causes fat loss or gain. Watch the entire video and then I'd like to see what the community thinks of this.

    It makes sense to me.

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    Didn't watch the video, but the whole 4-5 small meals/day at 400-500 cals/meal just wasn't working for me. I was more hungry after I finished eating than before I started. And could only stick to it for no more than a week or 2, so it wasn't sustainable for me..

    Intermittent fasting/OMAD (which keeps insulin low and increases HGH, which is what I think this video is about, will watch later) works a lot better for me. Cut down from about 25%bf to sub 15% and still going strong. And I can go to sleep at night with a full stomach. Going to do a write up more about this later in the year after I reach single digit bf%.
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    Man that's a long vid.
    Got 11 minutes in. What he's saying is the quality of the calories and ones health as well as the metabolism. BMR can change based on calories change etc. Really though in the end TDEE vs calories in what causes weight loss.As has been proven many times. The quality of the calories is just as important as well. Then back to TDEE. Studies have also shown that eating junk but in a deficit will also lose weight. Thing is,that's not good for you and the bodies metabolism will come to a halt faster than with healthy whole foods I believe.
    Just like fuel for a car. Low quality fuel will lessen power,cause knock, stumbling etc vs top grade ethanol . It'll still go,but your cars gonna break down way before than using top quality fuel. Just like he mentioned about that marathon runner developing type 2.

    Here's a study (supposedly who knows if he was paid by companies) where he lost weight eating only junk food. Although doing this will end up killing you I assume. 11 pounds lost yet only 2 percent bf. Makes no sense unless he was really really fat and like the doctor mentioned the body starts to actually burn more calories when obese(which is also why they lose weight so damn fast and have loose skin)

    Really it comes down to ones metabolism. I doubt their weight loss/junk diet would get them ever looking like a bodybuilder unless hormone fed as well.
    Good stuff thanks for sharing btw.

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