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    Vegan bodybuilding

    I have recently decided to go vegan for eithcal reasons but am having trouble finding ways to accomplish the same low carb type contest prep that non-vegans can easily do with chicken, steak, turkey etc. was just hoping to get any opinions of other vegan bodybuilders and things that have helped them or advice from experience vegan bodybuilders. Any advice is welcome just please don’t tell me that being a successful vegan bodybuilder is not possible.

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    Vegan bodybuilding-screenshot_20180710-130934_bodyspace.jpg

    It is possible with enough gear. If you're on Bodyspace, check out this vegan athlete. She competes in women's physique

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    When you make these kinds of changes in your nutrition it helps to break it down into what the new diet actually is. In this case, there are a few versions of Veganism but to use one example a Raw Vegan diet would be extremely low fat, medium protein, and high carb. Once you break it down in this manner the label becomes much less important and you can focus on bringing up the missing macros. Going vegan and competing, not an easy task but it is being done. Probably not optimal but that is of course besides the point in your case.

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