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    what foods to stay away from

    I have always been very active. I played college football and i tore my acl this past january and had surgery the end of febuary. I have always tried to eat anything and everything to put on weight. I'm 255 at 6'4 and i want at the least 10 more pounds by Febuary but i dont want to sacrifice it by fat wieght. Since my injury my activity level really slowed and i had to watch how much i eat. I'm combining sprinting conditioning along with weights now at this point in my rehab and now i am ready to get nasty. I have just been trying to eat at least four meals a day staying away from bread and pastas and eating just meat and veggies. Anything else?

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    Breads and pasta are the killers for sure

    But what I always try to do is not have bad fats mixed with carbs. This means anything that is deep fat fried like chips,french fries and the like.

    You could also try and make your meals smaller and eat more often. That tends to boost your metabolism. Also having one day a week to really pig out boosts it too.

    I also stay away from regular pop since it's just empty calories, I use sugar twin to bake with, I don't have any mayo in the house.

    Keep your calories down after supper too. If you need to snack, then do it with greens or something protein rich and low in carbs.

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