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    How much carbs should I consume per day?

    I'm very motivated and began my diet today. My only question is, am I taking too much carbs?? My goal is to grow muscle by taking lots of proteins but at the same time drop my body fat percentage by taking small amounts of fat, sugar and carbs. Here's my diet and please tell me if it is right.

    1st meal:

    3 boiled eggs (I don't eat the inside, just the white stuff)
    orange juice (this juice only has 4 grams of carbs and 0 sugar--8oz)

    2nd meal:

    4 slices of whole wheat bread (integral)
    2 slices of Velveeta cheese
    lemon juice (2 grams of carbs and 0 sugar)
    1 banana

    3rd meal:

    white rice and red beans
    chicken breast, steak or red meat (I change this meal and don't know the quantities, but they are pretty moderate)

    4th meal:

    1 can of tuna fish (water)
    3 boiled potatoes

    5th meal:

    2 slices of whole wheat bread
    2 tbspoons of peanut butter
    orange juice (low carb and sugar)
    1 apple

    This is basically my diet, but I will change the 1st and 4th meals so I don't get too bored. Breakfast could be oatmeal and fat free milk and my post-workout meal could be a baked potatoe with brocoli and cheese.

    Please tell me if I'm getting too much carbs.... I'm guessing around 300...

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    1st of all, trying to bulk and trying to lose fat at the same time is not the best thing in the world to do. You generally rob yourself of the ability to bulk up when you're worried about your calorie intake.

    2nd, your carb intake depends on your activity level. Carbs are used for emediate energy, as it is not normally stored by your body (despite popular belief). So if you're getting too much or too little carbs, it really depends on your body and your activity level. Also, if you are heavier, then you probably need more carbs, because you have more cells that need to be powered and more blood that has to be moved around and more air that has to be handled.

    3rd. If you want to cut up, then you want to minimize your carb intake so your body has to go after your fat stores for the power it needs to operate. But your body will go after your muscle cells for energy before they will go for anything else. Then your body will go to your liver for energy. And finally, your body will go for fat for energy. If you remeber the order that your body looks for energy, then things will be easier for you to understand when it comes to nutrition. And you will realize that it's hard to bulk up when your body is going after your muscles for energy.

    Just remember, your body looks for 1) blood glucose (carbohydrates), then 2) muscle tissue, then 3) liver tissue, then 4) fat tissue (no, your body isn't exactly breaking down the tissue itself, but the energy stores that are in that tissue).

    Good luck bro.

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    That's an assload of carbs, wrong kinds, and wrong times in your efforts to get lean/cut.


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