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    How the hell do I consume 3 to 4,000 cal./day

    I have been bulking naturally and have made some pretty good gains but have reached that plateau.I have been eating around 2500 calories but want to increase my intake. .Any good mrp's out there that can help me?

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    "How the hell do i consume 3 to 4,000 cal./ day"

    Don't mean to state the obvious flaco, but eat.

    That's the only way to consume that amount of food, or any amount of food for that matter.

    But, in all seriousness, MRPs can help. But just increase food intake slowly, and you'll get there...

    500cals for two weeks +
    Then add another 500.

    About two protein bars, or two MRPs...or a nice snack is about 500 cals. 2 500 cal snacks included with your other food can work wonders. Hit it up.

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    PPP is right you need to eat lots and often.Seems tedious to start of with but the body soon catches up

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    Steak, whole eggs, Peanut Butter,high calorie protein mixes,etc....

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