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    Side salad good enough

    Is eating a caesar side salad with fat free dressing and croutons good enough of a meal to eat before a heavy cardio workout. When I get out of work all I have time to eat is a small salad because I have to get to the boxing gym. Plus when I have a heavier meal before boxing I feel like crap.

    In case it matters I'm eating 5 other meals a day (6 total) and downing 5L of water a day. I also have a gut I'm trying to lose.

    Protein intake is roughly 255g daily carbs is anywhere from 100-115 g daily

    Diet is something like this:

    Breakfast 5:30 am
    A bowl of keto rice krispies (21 g protein 4 g carbs) with skim milk
    1 cup of green tea

    Brunch 8:30 am
    Tuna with fat free mayo

    Lunch 11:30 am
    1 chicken breast with BBQ sauce
    1 vegetable serving either peas,green beans,brocolli,asparagus

    Dinner 3:30 pm
    1 caesar side salad with croutons and fat free dressing

    Post boxing training meal 6:30 pm
    1 chicken breast (5 days a week mon/tues/thurs/fri/sat)
    1 rib eye steak with steak sauce (2 days a week weds/sun)

    1 vegetable serving either peas,green beans,corn,brocolli,asparagus

    Post lifting, running workout/bedtime meal 10 pm
    4 egg whites (no yolks)
    Protein shake with skim milk

    Well what do you guys think?
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    You had asked about your diet in another thread, and I responded there, you may want to check it out.

    My answer to your question here is the same as my comment in the other thread, which is that a salad of all things w/fat free dressing is a horrid choice for a meal. No protein at all, and a sugar laden dressing.

    Not for me.


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