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    License to manufacture

    I know of several Chinese GH brands that have their own government license to manufacture. Jin and Ankebio but which one is actually the license manufacturer for H Y G E.Com.Cn or Cn ?

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    quite often, it's not the manufacturers you should worry about. instead, worry about the distributors. many times, they operate on a shoe string budget, and simply work on a commission basis. cash flow is a big problem for most. think momentarily about street drugs. most distributors will dilute their product by cutting with something else that is less expensive. in the anabolics industry, this is called under dosing. very common. the other issue is that since they operate off a shoe string budget, if your shipment gets lost, regardless of what they say, making you whole by sending you another shipment, quite often comes out of their pocket. and when operating from a shoe string budget, they may not be able to upfront the cash for that. and there you are, wondering why you got ripped off.

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