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    Innovagen Deca 300

    I've heard great things about innovagen, so i decided to try it. I got some 300mg/ml Deca and it really hurts while being injected, feels like rubbing alcohol over a scratch as its being injected. But there in no soreness afterwards. I know these UGL's use alcohol and i'm highly sensitive to it, typically its just sore for a few days after.

    Thoughts anyone ?

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    That sucks, Ive had gear that burned going in. Thing is to get deca to hold at high concentration you usually have some pain.

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    One thing (hopefully not the only thing) I have learned over the years here is More is not better, especially in mg/mL. As BG said, the higher the concentration typically the more pain. Ill stick with 200 and 250mg/mL stuff unless it's prop then only 100mg/mL

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