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    Over seas source??

    I’ve been buying from an over seas source using bitcoin and a decent website. I’m wondering if some-many-most on this site do the same thing. Is overseas the cheapest way to go or can you buy local US, avoid customs, and still pay about the same?

    The gear has been good but a recent concentrate of cyp 350/mg per ml called “cypiotrex” from Concentrex Labs seems a bit weak. I had some gear from legit US pharmacy and was at 500mg a week. I ran out and switch to this cypiotrex and sensed it wasn’t equal despite taking 500mg equivalent amount. Ran it two weeks and did blood wk at the end of the week with a total T of only 1225. Hmmm? Seems a bit low. And I felt a drop—biofeedback stuff. The name probably gives away the source...maybe not. I get it to me shipped from ROmainia.

    Hope I broke no rules. Can anyone let me pM that recognizes the name.
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