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Thread: Dragon Pharma?

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    Dragon Pharma?

    Anyone have info they can share with me about quality if Dragin Pharma products?

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    My experience with that lab is that they underfill their vials. Each 10ml vial I bought had roughly 8 ml in it. I won't use them again. I've read their NPP tests have shown to come back underdosed, but those thests can be suspect but you hardly see that they are underdosed.

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    I don't use them much anymore, but always had good luck with them. Never had any under filled

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    i used them one time and never will again, unbearable pip for me and left lumps but i must add my buddy used it and didn't have a issue.

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    I got a 250 and a 400. 250 was a little short but like a half mil but as soon as I moved into the 400 I noticed a huge drop in libido. Just started week 6 so I'll report back with how the rest worked out. Might complain so they'll send me two more 250 to replace the 400

    So 400 caused me serious infections in each quad. Ended up in the hospital for 3 days on iv drugs to clear it up. Not a brand I'd recommend
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    Npp was gtg for me so was prop. Haven't used in years but seemed decent.

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    Any experiences with their dbol and winny?

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