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    does any one know what happened to the site( steroid -forums? when you search the name ,it comes up www. WADA-AMA.ORG WADA -DAVIS INTERNET surveillance , which is kinda scary wada appears to be world anti doaping assc i was a member there but have been off the site for a while , im sure someone knows , thanks

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    The guy who was black mailing forums a few months back, the one that got BOP. He also got steroid he reported them to their registrar because they wouldn't pay his demands. Which got the .com address or whatever you call it shut down. They're back and pretty easy to find, but I don't remember there name they use now.

    There are a lot better boards for sources. They have a couple good ones like juicepal, and i think dyel was there for a little while if he isnt currently. They used to have drak, he may still be there but private. They also have janoshik there so maybe the testing is making the board better.

    I know for a fact the the person who runs the board knew that one of there supposed best labs at the time VIS VIRES was selling bad gear and they never announced it. Vires sent off some of his gear for testing, and the majority failed badly. I think 5 out of 7 compounds failed the testing. It was brought to mods attention, and the hire ups, nothing was done or ever said. There was only threats if the info got out, that all my info would be posted. I knew the rep very well Meat(RIP), and he forwarded me the results because he didn't completely understand them. We were both told if it got out our info would be posted. VIS VIRES, has been busted and is long gone though. So i avoid that board there are some good source there im sure, but i stay far away.

    As far as the wada thing that you saw, it comes up when you look forna couple forums like MesoRx.

    I also dont want to make it seem like the mods were complicit in hiding this. A couple really wanted the info to get out, but hey were over ruled. I wont name moderators names, because all of them are good guys even though a few became a little blinded by his reputation.
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    That hacker even came to meso talking smack. He really hates DWBO and BOP.

    The new SF is dead and only vets get to see their source section, what a joke.

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